Tuesday, November 15, 2011

kitchen aromatherapy...

I've got a bunch of different oil warmers and aroma lamps around the house, and a year or so ago I came across one that I just couldn't resist getting for the kitchen.

The tealight candle goes in its own little skillet pan...

And the water and essential oils go into the cute little teapot that sits on top of the "stove"...

But even after getting this specifically to use in the kitchen, I didn't use it. It sat on the bakers rack looking all blue and cute, while I continued using a different oil warmer in the kitchen - when I used one in there at all.

Most often, I use warmers in other rooms of the house. The kitchen? Sometimes. But usually when I've diffused essential oils in the kitchen it's been for big-time sessions... I have an old pot I use for this, filling it up with water and adding things like chopped-up apples, cloves, cinnamon, and a small bit of whatever essential oils I want to add.

Last winter, when I was so sick with an upper respiratory/sinus thing, I would put on a pot of good-smelling apple-cinnamon-clove water to simmer, and I would add things like ravensara, eucalyptus, tea tree, and other helpful, germ-fighting oils. The particular blend of oils would vary depending on the day, but this simmering brew helped clear the air and also added moisture to the winter-dry indoor atmosphere.

But except for using essential oils in other ways in the kitchen (like using peppermint when we had ants), I don't often simply put some oils in a warmer in there. I have no idea why use aromatherapy so often in other rooms and usually not the kitchen, but... that's the way it's been.

Recently, a goddess sister and I were discussing kitchens and I was telling her that I don't really like spending much time in my kitchen. She mentioned cleaning and clearing and intention, and eucalyptus oil was mentioned too... and my mind started working. There are more things I could be doing to make my kitchen a place I'd like to be. And one thing is to cleanse and clear and shift the energy with essential oils.

So yesterday I took the blue oil warmer and actually used it. In the kitchen. The talk with my goddess sister had put eucalyptus in my mind, so I decided to use that. I have three different types of eucalyptus oil, and I ended up going with the lemon eucalyptus (Eucalyptus citriodora).

I also decided to add some Atlas Cedarwood (Cedrus atlanticus) because of its cleansing and grounding properties. The unfortunate thing about cedarwood is that, in the first moments of smelling it, I am immediately and strongly taken to memories of my first elementary school - and I don't particularly like being reminded of elementary school. But that's a temporary thing and it doesn't keep me from using cedarwood, so into the blend went the cedarwood.

Then I added just a tiny amount of frankincense (Boswellia carterii) because although I have always really liked working with frankincense, I've been totally drawn to it a lot lately and I wanted to use some in the kitchen blend.

But... I sensed I needed one more oil, I just wasn't sure which one. So I pulled a card from my aromatherapy deck and - it was the card for basil. Part of the card's description reads: Basil is a memory and mental stimulant. It is kind to the brain and relieves nervous exhaustion and life overload.

Well. Yes! Basil certainly seems to fit what I've been needing lately. So I added a small amount of basil oil (Ocimum basilicum) to the little blue pot.

I lit the tealight in the skillet and it was set to go. And it was nice.

Aromatherapy... it's good for the soul. Even in the kitchen when the kitchen isn't where we really want to be.


  1. Oh I love this Gin!!!

    I have to be careful with scents because my husband is so sensitive to everything but this is also why I want and need to move to essential oils for this type of thing.

    I've got this upper respiratory/sinus thing going on right now and never considered using anything like that for it... Unfortunately I also don't *have* anything like that at all....

    Is there any chance that you'll be teaching things like this at some point? I'd seriously love to take some kind of beginning aromatherapy/essential oils for healing type of class from someone I know and trust. If you're not going to do anything like this are there any resources you can point me to so that I can get started without being overwhelmed by it all??

    This brings up so many feelings and things going on in my head and body.. *THIS* is another of my lost pieces!!! There was a brief time (I was somewhere around 18-19 if I recall correctly) that I started to get into aromatherapy... but then life got all crazy and things changed. I'd really love to pick up this piece!!

    So glad you wrote about this!

  2. Thanks, Angel! I'm right there with you about picking up my lost pieces (as you know!). My interest in crystals is one example of this, but there are just sooo many things that are coming up now (and have come up in recent years) that cycle right back to when I was younger and I started to get into some of them... but then, as you said, life got all crazy and things changed. It's so, so great to find and connect with these things - and I'm ready to pick up more pieces!

    I can relate to your husband's issues with scents because I'm not able to use most scented candles, incense, or things made with fragrance oils. I'll usually end up with a headache or something. For a long time I avoided trying essential oils because I worried they would bother me - but I use good quality essential oils (and no fragrance oils blended in) and it's like a world of difference for me in using essential oils compared to other scented products.

    Thanks for asking about classes. :) Some of the ebooks and courses coming up will incorporate information about essential oils in the material. I might have an intro class devoted specifically to oils at some point - but that would be quite a while down the road.

    A class I took and absolutely loved and got a world of information from is the Aromatherapy 101 class by Bev Hawkins at West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy -http://www.westcoastaromatherapy.com - it's a distance learning class with 20 lessons, an essay, and a proctored exam. (I'll soon be finishing up the 201 course from WCIA - but ohmigosh, I'm going cross-eyed with trying to study all the anatomy in the 201 course!) There are many other courses out there (at various prices) and I've taken a few others, but I've been so pleased and impressed with the course quality from WCIA that's the one I "talk up" the most. But there are other good ones too.

    If you'd like to learn some great info about oils but not take a class right now, one thing I'd like to suggest is a website to check out... there's a TON of valuable information at Marge Clark's website for Nature's Gift Aromatherapy - http://www.naturesgift.com (I order many of my oils from there, everything has been great quality, and Marge is very well respected in the field). Reading the descriptions of the oils on her site is really informative, plus there are articles and all sorts of helpful tips and a question/answer area with good ideas on which oils to use for various things. A lot of useful information is right there on that site.

    Yay, aromatherapy!! I hope you feel lots better very soon - I'm sending healing vibes your way. ♥

  3. AWESOME! (All the way around!!) I will check out these resources, thanks so much for that!! Also, cannot wait to see your next steps with the ebooks & courses... that's going to ROCK! <3