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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a little something about snowflake obsidian...

Lately I've been writing down information about various stones and crystals. Some of this has been for the printouts we send with the crystal therapy kits we sell in the shops, some of it is for a possible future project, and some of it is simply for my own personal use so that I'll have the information that interests me most about a stone right there in a convenient place. I'm going to be blogging about various stones now and then, and today snowflake obsidian gets the spotlight.

I enjoy working with obsidian - black obsidian, snowflake obsidian, mahogany obsidian, rainbow obsidian. I find snowflake obsidian fascinating to look at, with its inclusions and patterns.

Snowflake obsidian is black obsidian with grayish-white inclusions which resemble snowflakes. Obsidian is formed when lava cools very quickly.

Some metaphysical properties about snowflake obsidian...  It is considered to be a protective, centering, and grounding stone that resonates with the first chakra (the root or base chakra) and second chakra (the sacral chakra). It is said to help bring objectivity and dis-attachment. It is believed to absorb and dissolve anger, criticism, and fear - and also promote self-confidence and self-esteem.

Some say snowflake obsidian helps bring emotions to the surface and then helps release them. According to Philip Permutt in The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing, it “helps to release anger, resentment, and unhelpful behavior patterns and reduce loneliness, bringing peace of mind.” This stone also is also considered to be helpful with examining harmful thought patterns. In Love Is In The Earth, Melody calls snowflake obsidian a “stone of purity” that brings “both purity and balance to the body, mind, and spirit.”

So that's a little something about snowflake obsidian - thanks for stopping by!