Tuesday, January 17, 2012

and the move is official...

Please note: If you subscribed to the RSS feed at SubtleHarmony.com and you're seeing this post, please return to the http://www.SubtleHarmony site and re-subscribe to the RSS feed there. We had a technical glitch for a few days that led to RSS subscriptions to this blog by mistake, instead of the new blog. Thanks - and sorry for any inconvenience!

Subtle Harmony's new website is totally officially live and up and running! I hope you'll check out the site here (http://www.SubtleHarmony.com).

The blog has officially moved there too - clicking here will get you directly to the blog's page on the new site. And if you visit the new blog, I hope you'll stick around to explore the rest of the site too!

Eventually this blog will go away (all posts prior to mid-December have been moved to the new site). Thanks to everyone who has visited or read along here at this blog.... I hope to see you at the new site!  ♥

Friday, January 13, 2012

new home for the blog...

The Subtle Harmony website is now live! I hope you'll check it out here. The new site has my offerings for intuitive consultations, oracle readings, and distant energy sessions. The Etsy shop will still have my handmade items, and there are links to the shop from the new site.

The new site also is the new home for the blog and it can be found here. The posts from this blog (except for this one and the last one from December) have all been exported to the blog's new home.

However, right now the RSS feed on the new site appears to be pulling posts from here - and not pulling the feed from the new site. I've made a few entries there already but they're not showing up on the RSS feed from there.

So if by chance you have already visited the new site and subscribed to the RSS feed for the new blog... unfortunately, it's not working correctly right now. I'll post about it here and on the new blog site when it's all straightened out.

In the meantime, though, there are new posts on the new blog! I hope you'll visit the blog there and take a look around the site.

I hope your 2012 is off to a wonderful start!  ♥