Thursday, August 19, 2010

catching up...

Obviously, I still don't quite have the hang of this blog - I didn't realize until today that I had comments waiting for moderation! I thought I had things set up to appear right away when someone commented. And since I'd had a few comments show up I thought it was going along okay. But no! I am so sorry to those of you who left comments and they didn't appear until today. I'm thrilled about every visit to the blog and each comment that's left, and I hate that things weren't showing up the way I thought they would... and that I was so slow to realize it.

An item from my etsy shop was featured in a blog today! Molly Brandt, who has a wonderful blog called The Red Sunflower, chose my chakra bracelet set as one of her favorites for the week. Thank you, Molly! The entry is here. The chakra bracelet set sold earlier this week, but I'll be adding more.

I make several things related to chakras, and sometimes I wonder if I have too many chakra bracelets in the shop. But working with chakras has become so important to me, and I love the various crystals and stones that relate to the various chakras, and I enjoy wearing chakra-related jewelry, and I enjoy making chakra-related jewelry... so I'm sure I'll continue to make chakra-related items. The most recent chakra bracelet I made is a bit different from the others I have.

Most of the bracelet is black obsidian, to represent general grounding. Then I used slightly smaller beads, one of each, to represent the colors of the seven major chakras. The row of colored stones is set off on each side by small sterling silver beads.

I find that I need to ground myself quite often these days - I guess that's why it's on my mind a lot lately! And what is on my mind often finds its way into the things I make.

Thanks for stopping by. ♥

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

keeping up...

I'm not doing so great at keeping up with my blog! I sometimes wonder how other people do everything, time-wise. I've read books on time management, I've tried various calendar systems, I've tried making lists and prioritizing and all sorts of tricks and tips... but I can't seem to find the time to do all that needs to be done. Or all that I want to do.

Although I haven't blogged in a while, I have been working on my aromatherapy studies and I've made more items for my etsy store. Sometimes when I make a jewelry piece, I design it with a certain idea or theme in mind. (As with the night sky necklace in an earlier blog post.) Sometimes those themes or ideas come from the metaphysical properties of the stones I use.

Here's a bracelet I made this past spring. I call it Harmony.

I don't name all my pieces, but sometimes a name seems to fit - and this was one of those times. I used amethyst, rhodonite, and aquamarine. All three of these stones are said to help bring about calm and peace... inner harmony.

Thanks for stopping by. ♥