Sunday, July 18, 2010

night sky, moon and stars...

Saturday I listed a new piece of jewelry in my etsy shop. I hand-strung a necklace of rainbow obsidian and snow quartz, and included an antiqued pewter charm of a face-in-the-moon and stars.

I wanted the necklace to represent the night sky. The rainbow obsidian chips are the dark of the sky at night, with the beads of snow quartz being the light of the moon and stars.

The starting point for me was the charm with the stars and crescent moon - just looking at it makes me think of the night sky. I knew I wanted to use a combination of light and dark beads, and the shape of the stones was important to me too. The round translucent white of the snow quartz reminds me of looking at a full moon, so I chose those beads (although moonstone would also have worked great). But I didn't want to use round beads for the night sky, I wanted a contrasting shape. I looked through my stash of gemstone supplies, and the rainbow obsidian chips seemed to be a perfect fit.

Light and dark... the moon and the stars and the sky.

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