Thursday, July 15, 2010

green line jasper...

My latest listing in my etsy shop is a bracelet I made yesterday from green line jasper. I love green line jasper - I think the bands and swirls of greenish-gray make it an interesting stone. I added a sterling silver spiral to the bracelet...

As you might guess from my shop name and blog title, I have a special fondness for spirals. The spiral is an ancient symbol that can hold so much significance... the cycle of life, the cosmic spiral, spiraling inward, spiraling outward, a symbol of the spiritual journey, a symbol of the feminine or the goddess, a symbol of the journey of life itself. I love the flows and whirls and swirls of spirals too, the way they look. And in my own life's journey, the spiral symbolizes some of what I've gone through.

So... I have a thing for spirals.

One reason I chose green line jasper gemstone beads to use with the spiral in this bracelet is because the beads themselves remind me of spirals due to the somewhat swirly patterns the stones have. Green line jasper has a semi-translucent grayish green banding, each stone's pattern unique with the bands flowing and swirling to create varying shades and lines. The stone is formed when green and black needle-like pieces of tourmaline become embedded into the quartz.

Now for some metaphysical properties of the stone -- and as a disclaimer, this is for informational purposes only, no healing claims are being made, nor any claims about a stone's effect on any particular individual...

Jasper in general is said to be a very nurturing stone, helping in times of stress, as well as assisting with courage and determination. It is also believed to be a protective stone, absorbing negative energies. Because of its color, green line jasper particularly resonates with the fourth chakra, the heart chakra.

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