Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day...

When I was growing up, from kindergarten through high school, the first day of school was always the day after Labor Day. I must admit I always hated Labor Day! I didn't want summer vacation to end, and starting a new school year always kicked up my anxiety level. (Social anxiety was part of my life even as a child.)

Those days were a long time ago, though. My college and grad school schedules were different, so no more day-after-Labor-Day first day of classes. And it's been years and years (and years!) since I've been a student on any campus.

Still, even after all this time, Labor Day marks a "new beginning" during the year for me, much in the same way New Years Day does. Actually, it's only recently that New Years has started catching up for me, in terms of feeling like a time for taking stock, evaluating, starting new things.

I guess maybe Labor Day, for me, still beats New Years Day to some extent - because today I'm brimming with ideas for some new projects and I feel that sense of energetic excitement about new beginnings.

I have been - my life has been - going through a lengthy period of transition and change. The process is still ongoing, and it's... well, a whole bunch of different emotions all swirled together. An important person in my life has said a few times recently that I'm in the process of metamorphosis, moving out of a cocoon into the freedom of being a butterfly, my true self. I think that statement fits, even though it scares me!

There are so many great shops on Etsy, and as I was browsing recently I found a wonderful shop that's new to me. The Midnight Orange is the shop of a fantastic artist with many pieces that really speak to me. When I saw this one, I made one of those impulse buys and purchased it right away. I knew I needed to have this, because it fits so well what I'm going through...

The piece is Into the New by TheMidnightOrange and that's the photo from the listing. She arrived last week and she's perfect! I love shopping on Etsy.

One new thing that will be happening fairly soon is a new Etsy shop for me. I'm not sure when it will officially open - if all goes as planned, it'll open by the beginning of November. My SpiralSpace inventory will be moved to the new shop, and there will be other items there as well. I'll be posting more information here as things progress.

Thanks for stopping by. ♥


  1. I love new beginnings, too! The school year marks a big one for me and this is I am certainly energized by it all. I love your little bewinged beauty! She is gorgeous!
    Happy day!

  2. Thanks, Beth! I think I would feel even more energized if the weather felt like autumn - it's been quite warm here!