Sunday, November 21, 2010


Our 16-year-old cat passed away in mid-June. I blogged about it here in an earlier post. When Chance died, it was the first time in our marriage that we had no animals in the house - and it felt strange. Not only was there the adjustment to Chance being gone, but there was also an adjustment to having only two human people in the household... and no sounds of purrs or meows or wild gallops through the house, no furry creatures to pet or talk to or cuddle.

Several weeks ago, we adopted Chloe. She's a little over a year old - about 15 months. She is sooo sweet. She's timid, and it took her a while to start trusting us and get used to being here, but she's settled in nicely and is enjoying being thoroughly spoiled by us.

My husband taught her how to play fetch with her catnip mouse, and she LOVES it! She brings the mousie to us to throw and she'll chase after it (or sometimes even catch it in mid-air) and trot back to us with the toy in her mouth, dropping it at our feet and waiting for us to toss it again.

In non-cat news, Subtle Harmony is now settled in nicely at ArtFire. We have no plans to leave Etsy, we just wanted to expand to include other venues. The new facebook page is gradually gaining fans (see the right column for a quick way to check us out there). Several new items have been posted in the shops recently, and there's more to come soon.

I'm still not organized about blogging regularly... so in case I don't post here again in the next few days, I'll go ahead now and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by. ♥


  1. AWWWW! Chloe is so sweet!
    Give her some extra cuddles from me!
    Wouldn't know either, how to live without a pet.
    We've got two of them for now.

  2. She really is incredibly sweet. Your cats are adorable!! Please give them some cuddles from me too. :)

  3. She's absolutely beautiful. Her markings are so unusual!! xx

  4. Thanks - we think she's beautiful too. :) I don't know what all she has mixed in to make her markings the way they are... but I think, given certain things about her personality and what/how she does things, she has some Siamese or similar in her background.