Tuesday, August 3, 2010

keeping up...

I'm not doing so great at keeping up with my blog! I sometimes wonder how other people do everything, time-wise. I've read books on time management, I've tried various calendar systems, I've tried making lists and prioritizing and all sorts of tricks and tips... but I can't seem to find the time to do all that needs to be done. Or all that I want to do.

Although I haven't blogged in a while, I have been working on my aromatherapy studies and I've made more items for my etsy store. Sometimes when I make a jewelry piece, I design it with a certain idea or theme in mind. (As with the night sky necklace in an earlier blog post.) Sometimes those themes or ideas come from the metaphysical properties of the stones I use.

Here's a bracelet I made this past spring. I call it Harmony.

I don't name all my pieces, but sometimes a name seems to fit - and this was one of those times. I used amethyst, rhodonite, and aquamarine. All three of these stones are said to help bring about calm and peace... inner harmony.

Thanks for stopping by. ♥


  1. The bracelet is lovely. I finally settled on blogging about once a week. If more great, and if not oh well. No reason to stress over it :)

    Creative Blessings, Theresa

  2. Thank you, Theresa!

    By the way, I love your jewelry. :)


  3. Lovely jewelry and blog. I just added your chakra bracelet set to my favorites on Etsy.

    If you have the time, I'd love it if you stopped by and followed my new spiritual blog at www.molly-brandt.blogspot.com